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Laboratory "Maurice Gross"

Maurice Gross

The Linguistics and Computational Linguistics Laboratory is entitled to Maurice Gross, founder of the Lexique-Grammaire. Maurice Gross has always been inspirational for many research teams working on lexicons and grammars of various languages.

People at the Laboratory conduct descriptive research on the Lexicon-Grammar of Italian and applied research  on the construction of lexical/grammatical resources for Natural Language Processing.

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  • Forthcoming Workshops/Conferences:

The Second International Workshop on Knowledge Extraction and Semantic Annotation - KESA 2016 - Februar 21 - 25, 2016 - Lisbon, Portugal

  • Publishing

Just published: Vietri S., Idiomatic Constructions in Italian. A Lexicon-Grammar approach, John Benjamins Publishing Company
"This book will be the definitive work on Italian idioms for years to come" (Tom Wasow).