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Laboratory "Maurice Gross"


  • Annibale ELIA, Lab Director
    LG classification and Formalization of the complement clause verbs in Italian, Semantic Predicates
  • Maria Pia DI BUONO, PhD Student
    Construction of the Archaeological Italian Electronic Dictionary (AIED) for NooJ, Terminology and Knowledge Management, Knowledge Representation and Extraction, Ontological semantics, Term extraction and Ontology population, Context and Semantic Annotation
  • Francesco Di Maio, Lab Technical Manager of the Computational Linguistics Laboratory
    Linguistic database and softwares for textual analysis management
  • Raffaele GUARASCI: PhD Candidate
    Information Extraction, Verb Semantics and Selectional Preference, Semantics .
  • Alessandro MAISTO, Postdoctoral Research Fellow 
    Sentiment Analysis and Opinion Mining, Automatic Population of Lexical Resources, Semantic Role Labelling
  • Federica MARANO, Postdoctoral Research Fellow
    Information Retrieval, Information Extraction, Question Answering, Information Storage, Ontology population
  • Mario MONTELEONE, Researcher
    Natural Language Formalization and Processing; Automatic Textual Analysis and Parsing, Computational Morphology; Creation, Debugging and Upgrading of Electronic Dictionaries for NooJ
  • Serena PELOSI, Postdoctoral Research Fellow
    Sentiment analysis and summarization of Italian opinionated documents, Automatic population of Italian lexical resources, Automatic extraction of spatial relations
  • Michele Stingo, Phd Student
    Humour Detection, Discourse Analysis, Pragmatics
  • Simonetta VIETRI, Professor
    Construction of the Italian module for NooJ. Classification, formalization and parsing of idioms.
    Automatic extraction and annotation of: time/date/duration patterns, and Predicate-Argument constructions of datives.